5 metrics you should track on the Facebook Insights info tab

By Sabitha, FB Marketing Manager Updated: Jul 20, 2019, 07:00 IST
Digital marketing

Speaking of metrics, we've separated some of them for you to track often. By showing hard numbers, they help optimize marketing campaigns and recalculate strategies when needed.


What it is: This is the summary of your Facebook page metrics that shows its overall performance today, yesterday, the last 7 days and the last 28 days.

Some metrics for this section:

  • Page Actions:This is the total clicks people gave to the action buttons on your page. It helps to know if you are interested in your product or service.
  • Page Previews: This is the total number of people who hovered over the photo (or name) of your page to view a "sample" of it.
  • Page Views:This is the number of times your page has been viewed.
  • Page Likes:This is how many people like your page, and in this metric you see how many likes were paid (posts and sponsored campaigns) and how many likes were organic (unpaid).
  • Publish Reach:This is the number of people who have been impacted by any published content, whether organic or push reach. It may have been reached by people who don't even like your page.


What it is : In this section, you can get a pretty overview of the characteristics of your audience.

Metrics for this section:

  • Fans : Total people who liked your page. This is one of the metrics that helps you better target your posts in an attempt to get more engagement.
  • Followers : This is the total number of people who follow your page but are not counted as likes.
  • People reached : This is the total amount of people who viewed your posts. Does number match the number of fans? If not, a new audience may be forming, or posts aren't interesting to your fans.
  • People involved : Data about the characteristics of the people who have engaged in your posts in the last 28 days (interaction means like, comment, and share).

3. Publications

Important metrics for this section:

  • Post Types: Shows success data for each post format on your page based on engagement and average reach - which in turn is made up of comments, shares, clicks on posts, and reactions.
  • All posts submitted: This tab shows more detailed metrics about how your posts are performing. By clicking on a specific post, you have access to more details about it in particular, including negative feedback (data about post hiding, spam reporting, and page dislocation).
  • Top posts from pages you follow: This Facebook Insights tab shows the posts that were most successful last week for the Pages you follow.


Important metrics for this section:

  • Total Page Likes To Today: Displays the total likes on the page since it was created. If you have a sudden change, it is worth finding out the reasons.
  • Net Likes Total: In this chart, the red line indicates the number of people who left the page, while the blue shows new likes in the same period.
  • Where the likes on your page occurred: This tab indicates how many times your page was liked and how it occurred (by ads, mobile, suggested pages, etc.).


What it is: This is the number of people who saw your post . This metric differs from the impression metric because the impression measures how many times a post appeared to a user, whether or not they clicked on the post.

Important metrics for this section:

  • Post Reach: Graph representing the number of people whose posts have been viewed in your news feed.
  • Reactions: Graph showing how users reacted to posts according to the likes, likes, wow, haha, sad and Grr reactions.
  • Reactions, comments, shares, and more: The four lines of the graph represent the total engagement (reactions, shares, comments, and other types of interaction) on the page.
  • Hide, Dislike, and Report as spam:In this tab we have all the negative interactions on your page - the goal is to keep all these rates small.
  • Total Reach:Total number of users who have received some page activity, including posts, other people's posts on the page, mentions, check-ins, and ads to like the page.

So, did you enjoy knowing that Facebook metrics help give you insight into how your posts are performing?