Complicity is at the core of the connections we work with our colleagues and partners. By dealing with our customers, we consider their existence and help them accomplish their business objectives. We cultivate long haul connections by sharing victories together, having open and authentic discourses, and keeping up regular correspondence.

Who we are

Being an entrepreneur ! A dream for most of us and only some of us manages to realize it .

Earnest and confident enough we were, we took all possible efforts to realize our college day dreams of setting up an IT venture. With sparkling confidence and boundless curiosity, like that of a sponge in water, we absorbed all technicalities and honed our skills from every possible channel around us. Social marketing was the order of the day then with enormous opportunities to explore and grow. That along with the fact that we had inclination for the same naturally made us choose that industry. And when we felt it was time, college day like minds of similar wavelength and industry got together and formed genxlead.

The name - genxlead. We wanted our brand to reflect our thought. And since our notion in venturing out was to lead the change in the social marketing media for the next generation, we called ourselves genxlead. Started as a small group of three, the Genxlead is now a bigger family, still in the growing phase with increasing number of family members taking care of the newer services, technologies we are into day by day.

We pass on imaginative and media back together to make contemplations that exist outside the soloed approach of standard affiliations – expecting risk for whole crusade. As one joined office, we work to put gathering and brand objectives at the point of convergence of our framework. Without the need to liaise with different affiliations, we work quickly and unquestionably – adjusting and responding progressively to make battles that resonate with your get-together of spectators.

Our Culture

We run our ship by the things that issue and to us, that is affiliation, access and dependability. We work with our customers, not for them, which means we have the legitimacy and regard to let them know what'll work, not what they need to hear – and we've put our 'talk less, state more' ethos at the point of convergence of our office, emptying go-betweens and offering our customers direct access to our specialists. With no record chiefs backing things off, you find your answers straight from the steed's mouth – and your briefs replied with speed and spryness. Uprightness induces we generally keep up our attributes: in our work, with our customers and with one another.

Our Approach

We call our method Germinate, Execute, Lead. It's the way wherein we work and what we do, tending to a cycle where one technique impeccably prompts the going with.


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