Data Science: Why is it important to business marketing?

By Vasanth, Marketing Manager Updated: Dec 05, 2018, 12:11 IST
Digital marketing

Have you heard that data is considered the most important assets of companies? This is true, so you need to understand what Data Science is.

By the way, if you do not know, data is all that companies collect and, after analysis, are transformed into information important and even strategic for the company.

For example, a sequence of numbers is data that, by itself, means nothing. However, if it refers to a customer's CPF, it becomes important information.

Or, loose words such as “Maria Lima”, “Curitiba”, “Batel”, “sportswear” - if combined, can become information about a client: Maria Lima, a resident of the Batel neighborhood in Curitiba, has a preference for buying sportswear at the store.

With that in mind, let's get to the topic of the post: What is Data Science, after all, and why should you understand this meaning to adjust your company's marketing?

Come on:


The Data Science (Data Sciences) is a professional area of Statistics, which focuses on the analysis, development, automation and generation of reports data.

This analysis can be done either by a data scientist - a professional trained in the field - or (or also) using technological tools that collect, organize and generate information with this data (yes, the so-called Big Data).

Want a practical example?

A clothing store needs to gather information about the likelihood that its customers will not pay their debts.

In this case, based on some data (such as the number of registered customers, the number of customers with current accounts and the number of customers in debt), the data scientist can take this and other relevant information and generate reports predicting likelihood of future debt - and what is the profile of customers who are most likely to have debts in the store.

Yes, in Data Science we work with statistics that generate predictions - which may or may not materialize under the circumstances. But undoubtedly, this data and information generated helps companies a great deal in understanding their business progress and in building new ideas for their customers' growth and engagement.


All! Let's talk specifically about digital marketing .

In the digital environment, thousands and thousands of data are generated every second. On your company's social networks, her website, CRM, all software… The moment a user makes some information available online, it is automatically captured by a data collector.

Data Science, therefore, is critical for this data to be analyzed and to generate valuable insights for business decision making.

A good example of this data analysis and reporting is the use of tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights . All the information generated there is very important to understand how the scope of marketing strategies is, how engaged the public is and what can be improved or corrected.


Automating the data your business generates.

To do this, use automation and data collection tools that generate simple reports so that you (or a data analysis professional) can generate important information for your business. Big data tools really make a difference and accelerate tracking of metrics in real time.

Believe me, the more data you gather about your persona , the more likely you are to offer what they really want, need and demand. Of course, unpredictability will occur in this process as we are dealing with people, but certainly data science is a great ally of digital marketing - and of the company as a whole.

So, did you see how fundamental Data Science is in helping you bring the best results to your digital marketing efforts? Just as data is important to your business, knowing how to collect and interpret it will make all the difference to your growth.